Learning Bridge Preschool Teachers

Jane Cole--Executive Director and Owner   

39 years working as a Director of the Learning Bridge Preschool


Kathy--Program Director

Director Qualified Curriculum


Book Reader    

Pre-K morning Teacher January-August    

25 years at Learning Bridge


Evelyn--Director Assistant

Pre-K Teacher afternoons starting mid August and all year round      

24 units ECE   

Field Trips with Pre-K      

20 years at Learning Bridge


Nang---Head Teacher       

Teacher Organizing      

School Photographer     

12 units ECE    

10 Years at Learning Bridge Preschool



12+ units in ECE     

Nursing Background    

3 years at Learning Bridge 



Supervisor Permit in ECE   

1 1/2 years at Learning Bridge


Part time Teachers---Alex, Chalyna both are students and love working with children part time 


Evelyn speaks Spanish

Nang speaks Lao and Thai

Cam speaks Vietnamese