The Learning Bridge Preschool is a play based centre that also incorporates over an hour each day for opportunities for children to attend Circle Time, sing songs, count each day using the Calendar, and to study a weekly Theme.

Each day we talk about the theme for the week and these themes reflect the season, the Holidays that fall within each month, and we learn about the world around us.

The pre-K/TK class works daily on skills that help them to navigate well the skills necessary to attend Kindergarten.

A sample of the Themes:

*Back to School

*Safety and Rules







*Winter Holidays

*New Years



*Lunar New Years

*Valentines Day




*Earth Day

*Outer Space

*Mother's Day


*ABCs  123s

*Domestic Animals

*Farm Animals

*Wild Animals


*Tools and Machines

*Father's Day


*Summer Fun

*Sea Life


Children learn new words and new concepts/information relating to each theme.

The children daily are invited to participate in Art Time that relates to the theme of the week.

All children are invited to Book Reading Time where the children hear fun stories that stimulate their imagination and they learn new nomenclature.

Learning at Learning Bridge Preschool is fun!

We are proud of our Graduates and have many rave reports that children do well in Kindergarten after attending our Pre-K/TK classes!